THE ultimate pitch

Impress investors with a complete and professional proposal to make it easy for them to make their decision.

what is presented to investors?


Company Profile & overview

This section includes key company facts e.g. industry sector, stage, business model, funds raised, location etc. You can also share high level information about your company, team and your investment story. This will give the investors a snapshot overview, allowing both them and you to quickly sort out if it is worth going forward.  


Funding Round status

States if you are preparing, probing or have an upcoming or open round. You can indicate volume to raise, timing, instrument and valuation.


Investment story & Highlights

The place for your pitch deck and more. You can share up to five key items to promote your  investment proposal, things that your investors should not miss. Use video, blogs, links, press or whatever suits your preference.


Investment Memorandum

Provide investors with a complete investment proposal by completing the built-in Investment Memorandum. You can make any section confidential and have NDAs signed digitally. You can exclude sections that are not applicable or complete them later.


Valuation and Data Vault

You can chose to use the DealStation valuation tool to present and bring understanding to your view vis-a-vis the investors. In DealStation FileVault you can store and provide access to additional documentation relevant to your transaction and company. Granular access rights can be set easily.


NEWS & notifications

DealStation helps you nurture and entertain your investors continuously. Publish an update or a news item and the investors will be notified automatically. You can also connect your Twitter or Facebook to display posts in your News room.

Fast-track your fundraise

"It was almost an emotional relief to get a grasp of what the investors really need to make a decision and be convinced." 

Martin Bergqvist

CEO, Digital Brain Nordic

“By presenting our offering in such a professional way, we believe we provoked the FOMO (fear of missing out) across the invited investors, as some of the investors who didn’t invest in the last two rounds decided to invest.”

Dusyant Patel

CEO, Radio Innovation

SHOW INVESTORS YOU ARE worth their time and money

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