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  • Unlock the technology and guidance you need to become investment ready
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  • Build excitement, FOMO and interest among investors

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Create a Professional Digital Pitch

Create a winning digital pitch with a complete investment proposal including an in-build investment memorandum, a FileVault for all your due diligence documents and a News room with auto-notifications to build strong investor relations.


Invite & Manage 100+ Investors

Invite Investors to your investment opportunity digitally – through the tool, by generating a personal invitation link or by activating a “pitching”  Public link / QR Code to maximize your outreach, benefiting from our global investor database.


Track Fit, gather Feedback & send Messages

See how well you fit investors’ investment preferences via the “Matching score”, gather Investors’ feedback effortlessly and manage multiple Investor conversations simultaneously via built-in Messaging.


Nurture Investors with News

Excite, engage and nurture your Investors continuously by sharing regular news,  updates and social media posts which are automatically distributed for you.


All while Being Guided by the Experts

Access our Fundraising Guide to get investment ready, watch education videos or dive into our Blog Library to access relevant knowledge related to fundraising and investor management.

"It was almost an emotional relief to get a grasp of what the investors really need to make a decision and be convinced." 

Martin Bergqvist

CEO, Digital Brain Nordic

“By presenting our offering in such a professional way, we believe we provoked the FOMO (fear of missing out) across the invited investors, as some of the investors who didn’t invest in the last two rounds decided to invest.”

Dusyant Patel

CEO, Radio Innovation

Raise as a Professional

While not getting side-tracked chasing money.