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Fundraising before DealStation

Radio Innovation is an experienced fundraiser. Thanks to its strong team, its unique technology and a business idea combining ROI with making a tangible impact in the world – fundraising was driven by word of mouth and continuous relationship building.

Numerous smaller rounds were raised from existing and new investors, coming to Radio Innovation through the contacts of team’s inner circles, referrals and personal introductions mainly.

Evaluating its growth plans in early 2021, Radio Innovation’s Management team realized it’s time for their first larger fundraise. The question was how best to approach it.

Raising funds with DealStation

Radio Innovation was introduced to the Pepicon DealStation software by Cooach, which supports SMEs as Radio Innovation by digitizing their support functions, offering the best mix of digital and human business support within the fields of accounting, finance, legal and HR. As Cooach did its own fundraise in Pepicon, it seemed like the right path for Radio Innovation too.

Dusyant Patel, the CEO of Radio Innovation, wanted a professional way to present the business and the investment opportunity and to distribute all investment information to all shortlisted investors equally and easily. Being exactly what Pepicon offers.

There were already a lot of materials to plug into Radio Innovation’s DealStation profile, which was co-created with Cooach’s help. The aim was to move away from a text-heavy memorandum to creating something visually appealing. Something, which would attract investors attention and make it easy to interact with the content and find information each specific investor was looking for.

To invite investors to the upcoming round, Radio Innovation decided to host a launch event. The team believed that such a physical event would be crucial to set the scene, build confidence and trust with the investors and additionally align all with the future of the company and its vision.

More than 50 investors joined the launch event where Dusyant Patel presented the company, its innovative technology and the upcoming investment opportunity. He walked investors through all key components of their offering by also sharing their pitch in DealStation directly on screen during his presentation signaling to investors “We are ready!”. The invite link was to view Radio Innovation’s complete investment proposal shared with all during and after the event. This allowed Radio Innovation to then benefit from the investor activity tracking in Pepicon, focusing on the most engaged and active investors with top priority.

“By presenting our offering in such a professional way, we believe we provoked the FOMO (fear of missing out) across the invited investors, as some of the investors who didn’t invest in the last two rounds decided to invest.” Dusyant Patel, CEO of Radio innovation shared. “Moreover, the investors also enjoyed getting the investment proposal in a non-traditional and more animated way, able to see “moving” material rather than just a text document.” Carl-Fredrik Morander, the CEO of Cooach who coordinated the fundraising, added.

Radio Innovation planned to raise 2.5M EUR but finalized their round oversubscribed, raising 3M EUR from a total of 25 investors, some even coming directly from the Pepicon investor network – in only 12 weeks. “Such a round would normally cost much more time and money.” Cooach’s project lead shared.

The funds raised will be used to build up the organization and expand its sales across other communication and mobile network operators. DealStation will be used to always keep all of the new and existing shareholders up to date and start preparing Radio Innovation for a potential IPO, preserving its fundraising readiness during the time pre-IPO.

By presenting our offering in such a professional way, we believe we provoked the FOMO (fear of missing out) across the invited investors, as some of the investors who didn’t invest in the last two rounds decided to invest.

Dusyant Patel

CEO, Radio Innovation

Tip from Radio Innovation

“Don’t expect that investors, who have never heard about your company, will jump on your offer immediately. Work with your existing investors, nurture your network and have loads of meetings. You need to first create interest and then create comfort and confidence to invest.  Doing it in a professional way.”

Dusyant Patel, CEO, Radio Innovation

About Radio Innovation

Radio innovation is re-inventing mobile connectivity by bringing high-speed internet to currently disconnected rural or remote areas of the world. Its pioneering antenna technology has up to 10x greater signal reach, which results not only in less antennas needed, but also in a significant reduction in costs. This is a game-changer mainly for developing countries, where costs need to be kept low to make the internet affordable to all. Radio Innovation is continuously improving its technology, also together with knowledge partners as Facebook Connectivity, looking to scale and serve numerous mobile network operators globally.

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