Some say we disrupt.
Some say we innovate.

Driven. Passionate. Determined to make a difference.

Our Team

DealStation was developed by a versatile team of top financial experts, serial-entrepreneurs, stock exchange leaders, venture capital investors and business angels.

Behind every great achievement, there is a team. Meet ours!



A serial entrepreneur, founder of Investment banks, fintechs and many other ventures. He also has vast experience from corporate finance and investments. Anders is DealStation’s key visionary with deep understanding of the investment ecosystem and its pitfalls.



A business development strategist, entrepreneur and business advisor with a passion for identifying sustainable, smart and speedy growth solutions, leveraging her past experience working with corporate, NGO /NPO and Start-up clients.



Technology architect with strong background in the financial industry, offering a versatile mix of tech and business skills, ensuring a sound roadmap for DealStation’s technology development roadmap.


Lead Tech Architect

Previously lead developer at Spotify and a co-founder of a tech company building performance-critical components of backend systems, which was  in the end acquired by Oracle where Staffan became one of the architects of the Java platform.

Our Vision

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Any stage, any location, any round size, we allow any private company to raise funds equally as a professional.


The values that drive us and guide us every day.


We believe that everyone should have the same chance and that market equality would benefit the whole ecosystem.

We are “Financial Pret-a-Porter” - state-of-the-art tools usable for anyone. We are the ecosystem equalizer through best-in-class standardization.


We believe in helping people build great businesses.

This through providing tech and know-how that puts our users in the strongest possible position to raise funds or exit


We believe in making seemingly complex tasks doable with confidence and trust.

Our guidance is inspiring, not boring. It contains the structure and methodology needed to ease the pain. And we’re a friend that is brutally to the point too.


We are fearless and bold in our pursuit of ingenious solutions that serve a higher purpose.

We are a game-changing equalizer and enabler. In order to change people’s behavior and to create a movement that everyone wants to be part of, we understand we need to stand out - to combine trust/credibility with surprise and a stunning design.


We always look for new ways to make it easier for great ideas to grow and prosper.

We always strive to improve on methodology, structure and create a winning standard. We create a fair and efficient market where there is a balance of power.


We are trusted experts and always tell it like it is to avoid confusion.

We’re a straight-shooting friend and sparring partner, clients always know we have their best interest in mind.

Interested in joining our team?

We are always looking for talent to strengthen our team. Get in touch to find out more.